West Palm Beach professional office space third-floor views 3160 ft.² multiple offices reception in waiting room $15 a square foot triple net Highlight Realty Njetwork Richard Lee Armstrong call or text 561-252-0948

So youve finally managed to crack that investor meet with your dilligent power point presentation creating a solid first impression? But now youve got to hit the nail on its head and seal the deal with a lasting impression. You set really high standards for yourself with the flow of the power point presentation leaving everyone very impressed and captivated and the return leg of the final meeting is at your office space in a week’s time. But wait, you dont have an office. You work with two of your college buddies and operate out of your basement. The very reason you have been working so hard on the presentation to impress investors while your remaining colleagues have been focussing on programming the prototype version to functional perfection is because you needed a legitimate office which would be more conducive to your business plans. Acquiring an office space on lease within a time frame of seven days is no mere feat especially when you already have your share of responsibilities keeping your plate almost full. Moreover if you are starting out fairly fresh and working on a stipulated initial budget, scouting commercial real estate and getting a deal to materialize can be fair distant from being an expedited process if you do not have an industry expert at your disposal. 

Enter Highlight Realty Network headed by expert realtor with plethora of experience in securing office spaces on lease and commercial real estate in Broward County and Palm Beach, Richard Lee Armstrong. At Highlight Realty Network we have a team of expert realtors and experienced professionals lead by the visionary Richard, who pride themselves in obliging our clients with positive results even on short or immediate notice like the scenario described above. Equipped with an armoury of connections and network with a wide array of property owners, zeroing down on a prospective office space for lease in the prime locations of Broward County or Palm Beach and availing immediate access to the properties with consent of the owners and finally reaching an agreement based on the terms and conditions of the client, all happen in the most collapsed and expedited time frame worked out to the advantage of our client for immediate possession of their brand new office space in a posh location.

West Palm Beach 2203 ft 7 offices Reception Area and a Kitchen