West Palm Beach Florida 7246 ft.² six office on lease large kitchen extremely large open area $15 a square foot triple net Highlight Realty Network Richard Lee Armstrong call or text 561-252-0948

Highlight Realty Network is a real estate agency based out of Boca Raton in Florida  and has impeccable success and tenured experience in ameliorating any real estate agreement no matter how derelict the very premise of the terms and conditions of the lease, sale or purchase arrangement stands at. Lead by Richard Lee Armstrong at the helm of affairs at Highlight Realty Network, the real estate agency is equipped with a force of real estate experts and experienced professionals who are strengthened by an impressive network of connections with property owners all over Florida, especially the posh neighbourhoods of Broward County & Palm Beach. No matter what your requirement be, Highlight Realty Network is equally adept at sales, purchase, lease or even rendering investment management services for your real estate portfolio. Specialising in commercial real estate Highlight Realty Network prides itself on its innumerous successfully closed deals in the past for office spaces on lease or retail outlets on lease in prime locations at almost immediate or urgent notice. Our inherent attribute to respond with immediate turnaround times has earned us favourable repute in the real estate industry among our contemporary and peers as well as among our client base who consider us a force to reckon when it comes to forging successful real estate agreements in collapsed time frames. Our efficient work strategy and approach to any situation allows us to canvass maximum number of properties available for survey to the client in any given area and almost immediate access to the real estate with the owners consent, owing to our prior understanding with the latter from our reliable professional network. Once the clients are decided on their choice of office space for lease in Broward County or retail outlet for lease in Palm Beach County, we waste no time in discussing terms and conditions for drafting an agreement for lease of the property with the owner. On the given day, the client can confidently walk in and put their signature on the dotted line after reviewing the agreement contract for lease and immediately exercise the possession of their brand new office space on lease. With Highlight Realty Network, you are in safe hands and real estate deals are easier done than said.

19 offices plus conference room and large open area two rooms