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Commercial Inventory of 
Ft Lauderdale Florida

Call or Text 954-955-5607

Richard Lee Armstrong 

Professional Offices and Medical Offices

Virtual Offices Available Includes :
Business Address
Mailing Service
Hang your licence
Free Parking
Added cost
Meeting Rooms
Virtual Offices $89.00 monthly plus sales tax

1)3rd Ave Fort Lauderdale 2,827 SF,1,059,1,223,11,213 SF,3,375 SF,2,191,2,268 SF,3,023 SF,1,423 SF,1,761 SF,1,462 SF,1,263 SF,$34.50,816 SF,5,638 SF, NNN

2)Commercial Blvd Fort Lauderdale, $22.20 /SF 3,446 SF,4,500 SF,1,540 SF,1,195 SF,1,187 SF,6,461 SF,2,552 SF,1,108 SF,3,247 SF,2,284 SF,2,570 SF,1,031 SF,2,179 SF,956 SF,1,696 SF,3,513 SF,3,513 SF,4,114 SF,1,870 SF,2,896 SF,2,385 SF,10,867 SF,2,814 SF,9,276 SF,21,926 SF NNN

3)Commercial Blvd Fort Lauderdale, $14.20 /SF 4,686 SF,4,674 SF, 4,675,6,048 SF,8,044 SF,1,867 SF,2,341 SF,3,651 SF,3,651 SF, 2,130 SF,3,218 SF,1,260 SF,5,835 SF,1,664 SF,6,000 SF, NNN

4)3rd Ave Fort Lauderdale One Financial Plaza $50.00 /SF NNN

5)1st Ave Fort Lauderdale $27.20 /SF 5,117 SF,2,243 SF,3,160 SF,1,300 SF,1,735 SF, NNN

6)Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale $23.50 /SF 5,150 SF, 5,160 SF, NNN

7)Federal Hwy $19.00 /SF 29,777 SF,10,655 SF,4,790 SF,5,965 SF,4,285 SF,7,321 SF, NNN

8)Andrews Ave $17.50 – $20.00 /SF 17,882 SF,5,948 SF,5,619 SF, 19,206 SF NNN

9)Federal Hwy $21.00 – $46.00 1,500 – 6,573 SF NNN

10) Class A College Ave Fort Lauderdale $32.00 /SF 23,273 SF,36,126 SF NNN

11) Class B Cypress Creek Rd $16.00 /SF 5,347 SF,15,793 SF,5,648 SF,9,917 SF,6,308 SF NNN

12) 5th Way Cypress Business Plaza $11.80 – $14.00 Class B NNN

13)Federal Hwy $22.50 /SF 1,250 SF NNN

14)Cypress Creek Rd Fort Lauderdale $13.00 /SF 2,429 SF NNN

15)Andrews Ave Fort Lauderdale $26.50 /SF 500 SF,2,750 SF,5,000 SF NNN

16)Dixie Hwy Fort Lauderdale $52.18 /SF 92 SF,95 SF,105 SF,108 SF,176 SF Class C

17)Commercial Blvd $25.20 /SF 2,400 SF Class B Modified Gross

18)Federal Hwy $24.20 /SF 931 – 5,983 SF Class B Modified Gross

19)Commercial Blvd $22.20 /SF 1,000 SF,750 SF Class C Modified Gross

20)Stirling Rd Emerald Park $30.00 /SF 700 SF Class B Full Service Gross

21)Cypress Creek Rd 2,930 SF,3,100 SF,800 SF,1000 SF,850 SF, $17.00 Class B Modified Gross

22)3rd Ave $26.20 /SF/ 707 SF,671 SF,1,166 SF,1,193 SF,1,015 SF Class B NNN

23)2nd St 10,067 SF,3,294 SF,2,635 SF Class A Negotiable

24)Andrews Ave 6,731 SF Class A Negotiable

25)Cypress Creek Rd – 106 $18.00 – $19.00 /SF 4,000 SF

26)Broward Blvd $35.30 /SF 2,537 SF Class B Full service gross

27)Oakland Park Blvd $15.00 /SF 295 SF Class C NNN

28)Commercial Blvd $18.20 /SF 5,166 SF, 8,509 SF Class B Full Service Gross

29)Federal Hwy $25.20 /SF, 4,650 SF Class B Plus Centric

30)5th Way Fort Lauderdale 3,693 SF,1,968 SF,2,720 SF Class B Negotiable

31)4th Ave Fort Lauderdale 1,720 SF, $34.50 /SF Class C Modified Gross

32)Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale $20.00 – $40.00 /SF 1,000SF – 25,000 SF

33)Cypress Creek Rd, 6,850 SF,$16.00,Class B Modified Gross

34)Broward Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 10,304 SF, Class B Negotiable

35)65th St, Fort Lauderdale, 3,550 SF, 3,000 SF,2,533 SF,1,693 SF,1,446 SF, $19.20 /SF Class B Plus Electric

36)Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale, $28.00 /SF 5,000 SF Modified Gross

37)45th St Fort Lauderdale 33308 FL $22.00 /SF 820 SF,935 SF, 448 SF Class B Modified Gross

38)Federal Hwy Fort Lauderdale $16.00 /SF 1,115 SF Class C NNN

39)33rd Ave Fort Lauderdale, $14.00 /SF/, 2,773 SF,1,260 SF,532 SF,3,154 SF,5,407 SF,2,764 SF,1,511 SF,1,459 SF,1,166 SF,1,461 SF,3,847 SF,1,998 SF,1,114 SF,1,142 SF, 2,661 SF, 3,612 SF,2,027 SF, 1,823 SF, 1,036 SF,4,821 SF, 2,820 SF,3,140 SF,1,672 SF,1,418 SF,1,797 SF,2,387 SF,1,967 SF,2,774 SF, NNN
40) 1st Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 $17.00, 11,168 SF, Class B NNN