Nine offices for lease conference room large open area open kitchen area with the sink plus waiting room on the eighth floor 27 59 ft.² in West Palm Beach $15 a square foot triple net highlight Realty network Richard Lee Armstrong call or text 561-252-0948

When you are on the quest for the ideal office space for your nascent business enterprise and want a spacious enclosure in a prime location for setting up shop, materializing a real estate deal at your own terms may sound easier said than done, especially if you are a novice to real estate industry and more so if you are a newcomer in the area you are scouting an office space on lease for. Commercial real estate can be really complicated and time consuming without any industry experts or real estate experts on your side to broker the deal to your advantage. Highlight Realty Network is an organized and efficient real estate agency with subject matter experts and highly experience real estate professionals in their fold that can expedite any commercial real estate experience whether it involves purchase, sale, lease or even creating a portfolio of commercial real estate for investment management. Led by Richard Lee Armstrong, a highly dedicated and utterly professional gentleman at the helm of affairs in Highlight Realty Network, the team has over three decades of combined experience amongst them in diverse real estate propositions handled successfully  prior. If you are looking for an office space on lease in Broward County or Palm Beach and you need an expedited closure to the selected property arranged at your terms and conditions, Highlight Realty Network is the appropriate real estate agency to approach for a steadfast and quick solution to your situation. With our focussed team and their extensive network of connects with real estate owners all over Broward County and Palm Beach, not only can we show our clients a lot more choice in making their final selection but also expedite closure to arrange a lease contract at the terms and conditions conveyed to us by the client. If anyone can really make a difference by their mere presence as far as commercial real estate is concerned, look no further than Highlight Realty Network for a smooth and hassle free experience

West Palm Beach office or warehouse office is 1156 ft