Deerfield Beach direct furniture in Hillsboro Boulevard freestanding building 10 exam rooms or or offices spaces large waiting room like reception area for restrooms four of the exam rooms have sinks most of them have cabinets and countertops 26 parking spots Highlight Realty Network Richard Lee Armstrong call or text 561-252-0948

Highlight Realty Network is a sterling enterprise founded by the experienced and well informed realtor Richard Lee Armstrong who is at the helm of affairs at this real estate agency. With his visionary approach Richard has not only established connections with innumerous real estate owners in the Broward County and Palm Beach region but also aggregated a wide range of prospective commercial real estate for lease in his product catalogue. His extensive network of real estate for lease spread across the entire landscape of the Florida region and well established contacts with their corresponding owners, along with an able team of dilligent and focussed professionals and well trained realty experts, make Highlight Realty Network one of the most dependable and reliable real estate agencies , give it a competitive edge over its rivals in the same space of industry. Having over two decades of experience in catering to the the real estate industry in Florida, Highlight Realty Network is equally adept at securing real estate for purchase, or sales or even for lease. Highlight Realty Network also solicits advice and offers consultation for investment management, aiding and abetting clients acquire profitable and prospective real estate in their portfolio. However Highlight Realty Network has earned recent praise and acclaim for their excellent work around skills and ability to deliver on short or even immediate notice for requirements of commercial real estate on lease for office space or retail outlets. Their impressive network of real estate options not only offer the client a larger range for selection of an appropriate real estate but also provide immediate access to the same with the due consent of the owners. Their role in expediting agreement contracts for lease based on the terms and conditions of the client and arranging for the owner to abide by the same has earned them a special status among realtors and has clients thronging to their doors for their expert negotiating skills.